SINCE 1981

Restoring Pieces . Eternalising Memories

Providing you personalised services to custom make, restore and redesign your jewellery according to your needs.  We understand that your jewellery isn’t just a piece of adornment, it’s a significant piece of your memory. It’s a piece of you.

Gillian’s Jewellery

About Us

At Gillian’s jewellery, we are boutique custom jewellery experts who are passionate about giving your jewellery new life through the ultimate restoration that will bring back your precious memories.

Perhaps the sparkle and shine in your jewellery may have faded over the years, but the memories it gives you still remain as clear as diamonds.

Since 1981, we have mastered the fine art in curating, designing and creating unique jewellery while perfecting our craftsmanship to serve our clientele from all walks of life.

If you just want a specific piece of jewellery, come browse our exquisite selection of unique and beautiful jewellery and precious gems in-house.
But don’t worry if you are unable to find what you’re looking for, as we will work closely with you to procure specific pieces from elsewhere for your unique creation or for that special purchase. 

Our friendly team are dedicated to help complete your perfect piece with our personalised jewellery service at an affordable price.


what we do

Jewellery Repair & Design



We will source your desired pieces right up to aesthetically remodelling your jewellery through custom redesign, repair and fine re-sculpting. We are your personalised jewellers who are tucked away from the hustle and bustle from Melbourne’s city. Our store at North Blackburn Shopping Centre is within a peaceful neighbourhood where you can take your time to select the pieces that we will craft to make something that’s uniquely yours.

Let us take you through a unique personal experience resulting in the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces that you will treasure forever. Each characteristic and curve of your jewellery is carefully thought through with your requirements.

We will carry out custom fittings to ensure that each fit is as distinct as the aesthetics. With our expertise in gemology, design, and craftsmanship, our master jewellers will take your detailed requests to restore and redesign every piece in detail to become the jewellery that you once had – all brand new.

additional services

Gold and Silver Jewellery.

Vintage jewellery.
Diamonds, Gemstones, opals, pearls, watches.
All kinds of jewellery repairs.
Sourcing Gem Stones & Diamonds for you.
Pearls and beads restringing.
Old/antique jewellery revamping.
Insurance valuation and Insurance replacement quotation.

Watch batteries and bands fitted on the spot.

What we also do

Restore & Remodel


Designing your memories, The Process


Getting to know you

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We want to know your story, what your needs are and how we can help design something that you will treasure forever.

We will work extensively with you to create your bespoke pieces above and beyond your expectations. After getting to know your ideas, you will be presented with a prototype through our detailed sketches, show you various materials like stones and precious metals.


Your Selection

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As the process of custom creation can seem endless, we will help you select the precious materials that we have sourced, or use your own chosen pieces. From here, we will craft and develop a design based on the materials selected.

We can also help to revamp and redesign your jewellery, to strengthen each individual piece that holds it together and give it a new polished look.

Delivery and Evaluation

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Quality, excellence and value is what we pride ourselves with and we are confident to deliver these to you as your complete piece. Redesigning or creating your jewellery usually takes 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your design request and you can also view the work in progress. Come experience our exceptional customer service to you by contacting us today.

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Let Your Memories Unfold, Let Your Story Be Told.

Our master jewellers will create and revive your precious jewellery.  Connect with us today for some free advice.

Ph: 03 9877 6616 . Address: Shop 44, North Blackburn Shopping Centre