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At Gillian’s Jewellery, we understand that vintage jewellery is more than just an accessory. It’s a representation of one’s personal style and a cherished piece of family history. For vintage and estate jewellery, its value goes beyond its monetary worth. These pieces hold sentimental value and memories of past generations.

What’s the difference between Jewellery Repair and Jewellery Restoration?

Jewellery repair and jewellery restoration are related but different services in the jewellery industry.

Jewellery repair typically involves fixing broken or damaged pieces of jewellery, such as replacing a missing gemstone or repairing a broken clasp. It focuses on making the piece functional again, and often involves using modern techniques and materials to ensure the repair is durable and long-lasting.

On the other hand, jewellery restoration takes it to another level where it involves bringing an antique or vintage piece of jewellery back to its original condition. This may include repairing damage, but also involves ensuring the piece is historically accurate and maintaining its original style and materials as much as possible. Restoration work may involve using traditional techniques and materials, such as hand engraving and old-style gold alloys, to preserve the piece’s historical value and authenticity.

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Types of Jewellery Restoration Services

Over time, your beloved vintage and estate jewellery can show signs of wear and tear, and damage from regular use. These damages can lead to the loss of valuable gemstones or the metalwork becoming misshapen or broken. The effects of wear and tear can be devastating for the emotional value of the jewellery. That’s where Gillian’s Jewellery can assist. Our jewellery restoration services help customers restore their cherished pieces to their former glory, bringing back the emotional connection and joy that these pieces represent.

Our jewellery restoration services are tailored to each unique piece, and we take great care to preserve the historical and aesthetic value of the jewellery. We offer a range of services to bring vintage and estate jewellery back to life, and the below is just a few.

Gemstone Replacement

Gemstones are an essential component of jewellery, and their loss can affect the beauty and value of the piece. At Gillian’s Jewellery, we can replace missing gemstones, and match them to the original piece as closely as possible. We take great care to select high-quality gemstones that meet the piece’s original standards. Our restorers have a keen eye for detail and can source gemstones from reputable suppliers.


Metalwork Repair

The metalwork in vintage and estate jewellery is often handcrafted, and the metal can become misshapen or damaged over time. Our restorers have the skill to reshape and repair metalwork without compromising the integrity of the piece. We use traditional techniques and materials to ensure that the metalwork matches the original piece.


Engraving Restoration

Engraving is a unique and beautiful element of antique and vintage jewellery. However, engravings can become faded or damaged over time. Our restorers can repair and restore engravings, ensuring that they look as close to the original as possible. We take great care to preserve the integrity of the piece, and our restorers use traditional techniques to maintain the authenticity of the piece.


Clasp and Hinge Repair

Broken clasps and hinges can render a piece of jewellery unusable. Our restorers can repair or replace clasps and hinges, ensuring that the piece is functional and secure. We use high-quality materials of your choice to ensure that the repair is durable and long-lasting.


Recreating Missing Elements

In some cases, a vintage or estate jewellery piece may be missing a gemstone or other essential element. Our restorers can recreate these missing elements using traditional techniques and materials. We take great care to communicate, select, and ensure that the new elements match the original piece and maintain the historical and aesthetic value of the jewellery.


We understand that every piece of jewellery has a unique story and emotional value. That’s why we take a personalised approach to every restoration project. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and preferences, and we provide regular updates throughout the restoration process. Our goal is to create a piece of jewellery that not only looks beautiful but also holds and retains that special meaning and connection to its owner.

We’d love to hear about the story behind your special piece of vintage jewellery!

Besides providing the service, what we love even more is to hear about the stories behind every piece of unique jewellery.  We are passionate about, and committed to, helping our customers preserve these cherished pieces through our jewellery restoration services. Whether it’s a missing gemstone or a broken clasp, our restorers have the skill and expertise to bring vintage and estate jewellery back to life. We invite you to visit our Forest Hill Chase store and share your story with one of our friendly team of jewellery experts today.