Sapphire Ring

A Beautiful Story

“The Most Beautiful Part Is The Story Behind It”

sapphire ring

Anne came in and told me her mother had passed away and left her a sapphire ring. Anne had bought the ring for her mother as a present and her mum had been wearing it till she passed away.


The ring didn’t fit Anne and also because it wasn’t quite her style. She was thinking of changing it into a pendant with the gold of the ring and the sapphire and diamonds from the ring.


I sketched a few designs for Anne, but she wasn’t sure what she’d like. I told her not to worry, and to think about it, to work out what she’d like to turn it into. She appreciated it when I told her: “Please don’t rush to make something that you will regret. It’s such a precious piece that connects you and your mother.”


Anne took my advice and didn’t rush to do anything.


About six months later, she came back and asked: “how about turning into another ring?” I told her “your mum’s ring has a very fine look, but I don’t think it suits you.” She agreed because she has bigger hands than her mum did. So eventually, I redesigned the ring to still keep the look of her mother’s ring, so as to retain the memory of her mum.


We went for a chunkier design to suit Anne’s hand better and also for durability, so she could wear the ring all the time. And we engraved Sunrise: (19**), Sunset (20**) inside the ring as requested. 


When Anne saw the ring she was thrilled. When she put the ring on her finger, she was so emotional that her tears came out, because she remembered her mum. We were glad about the final result, which is what’s important to us at Gillan’s Jewellery.


When you see a design of a piece of jewellery, you might say “oh, that’s beautiful!” Or you might say “that’s ugly!” To me, everyone has different taste. The most beautiful part of a piece of jewellery we create is the story behind it. We create memories, deep down, and we use our hands to create the pieces with care, love and passion!